Rapid technology developments, increasing population size, and the everchanging economic landscape pushes government officials to update their websites to provide citizens with improved access to information. They are compelled to adapt and become open to working with experts in the field of website development to get their needs met.

The team at App Maisters have been provided spectacular website development services to local, state, and federal government officials for over two decades. Our people are skilled in backend and frontend development, and have proven their expertise over the years through hundreds of completed projects.


Because of our understanding of what citizens need! The population wants access to information fast, and they’re becoming extremely tech-savvy. As a result, our strategy is all about understanding what needs to be developed before getting started. The more we understand a government’s brand image, website requirements, and target audience, the better we can build a fully functional, user-friendly, and fast website.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions as every government agency has specific requirements that must be addressed. Our developers are skilled in tech stacks such as HTML5, Microsoft .NET, Javascript, and PHP.

As an experienced web development company, we pride ourselves on our vast portfolio of happy clients who recommend us and believe in our commitment. Government website development is a delicate process that can be done successfully when the newest technologies are put to good use.


App Maisters provides scalable and innovative solutions for the public sector and government organizations eager to embrace digitization and truly be of service to the public. To speed the adoption of a government website, the execution needs to exceed all expectations! Our goal is to just to build a website that works but to design a website that’s secure, fast, user-friendly, and ultimately capable of scaling a business.


The general public wants easy access to information online, and given that the target group also includes the aging population, our goal is to focus on usability and streamlined design. Having an intuitive website interface is key to success! The App Maisters team is skilled in building websites for government officials. We pay extreme attention to functionalities but also to attractive design that is enjoyable and easy to navigate. In the backend, the tech stacks that we use are state-of-the-art as our aim is to provide both usability and security for citizens accessing the website in question.


Government websites are complex because they cater to thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands of citizens. All of them may provide sensitive data that our team commits to protect. To make that happen, we work with the latest technologies in the market. The final website will feature a robust interface, bulletproof backend security, and an embedded CMS (content management system) to ease the work of government employees handling daily activities.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions as every government agency has specific requirements that must be addressed when it comes to customized website development. As a result, our developers are skilled in tech stacks that go beyond HTML5, Microsoft .NET, Javascript, and PHP. Additionally, we provide support with CMS tools such as:

  • 1. DRUPAL
    A reliable and flexible, our experts in Drupal web development for government agencies have the know-how to build a citizen-centric and engaging digital experience that provides tangible results.
    clean, high-quality, and secure code is our main priority. That’s why our WordPress experts are committed to taking innovative steps into building fast and secure websites.
  • 3. JOOMLA
    scalability, robust security, and performance is guaranteed when building a website using Joomla. And our professionals will align your requirements with top-of-the-line skills for outstanding results.
    if you’re seeking e-commerce functionalities for your government website, Sitecore is the answer. Let the App Maisters team build an unparalleled unified experience.

Whether your government website caters to paying local taxes online or its aim is to be a local city hall website, our team guarantees excellent website development services powered by industry know-how, development expertise, and powerful technology.

Because front-end development is just as important as back-end development, our professionals can also handle any further SEO, graphic design, or digital marketing services. Website indexation that adheres to clean SEO rules, as well as marketing campaigns to help increase your agency’s awareness, are critical approaches to custom web development because they enable increased ROI and mass adoption from the general public. 


In many cases, government websites don’t need website development from scratch, but merely software updating to match the market demands in speed and usability. Our expertise spans beyond the average services offered by most agencies. We have the skills to adapt by using tools and technologies that are easily integrated with legacy software.

Before we start a government project, we consult with the client. Together we talk about project requirements, challenges, KPIs, and expectations. Based on the needs of our client, our next step is to examine the current website just to see if there’s something we can save, or if we need to start from ground zero. 


Over the years, the team at App Maisters has worked with various different tech stacks for developing various government agencies. However, we’ve noticed five core technologies that our clients want to use for their projects.

  • 1. PHP
    Php is an excellent open-source programming language commonly used for building feature-rich, interactive websites. Together with Javascript and HTML5, PHP works perfectly for governments seeking to develop multi-purpose websites.
  • 2. PYTHON
    Python is a more elegant programming language than PHP. It features multiple framework and libraries to ease the development process, and it is also suitable for governments seeking to build a web app that corresponds to their main website.
  • 3. .NET
    .NET versatile and powerful, .NET supports various programming languages, such as C++ and Visual Basic. For a modern website approach, we recommend working with our ASP.NET team of developers. It is designed for both web apps and website development.
  • 4. NODE.JS
    NODE.JS - as an implementation of Javascript on the server side, NODE.JS enables the development of excellent web apps. It makes use of the Javascript library of modules, and it is perfect for both front-end and back-end development. Speed is the main benefit of the language, as well as a wide developer community to help solve any unexpected challenges in due time throughout the development process.
  • 5. HTML5
    HTML5 - is a standard solution for website development, and nearly all of today’s web browsers support HTML5. Our team uses the latest version of the languages, which comes with clean markup and code. Furthermore, it is SEO-friendly meaning that indexing your government website into Google will happen faster following the launch.
    Angular.JS - is yet another Javascript implementation capable of boosting power and capabilities tenfold. As a framework, it comes with an extensive software library that helps support developers with customization when using Javascript. Excellent for building desktop websites and apps, our team recommends it for governments seeking speed and user-friendliness.