The cloud streamlines agility and enables innovation, positioning government agencies to fulfill their mission to serve the population at large. App Maisters helps such organizations advance their mission via cloud-based digital transformation. Our team brings in-depth cloud technology expertise to guide you on your journey to becoming a reliable partner for the general public.

Our team has been providing cloud consultancy services for over 14+ years and is committed to delivering reliable, high-performant, and secure apps that meet stringent SLA regulations. The App Maisters portfolio includes cloud services for Migration, Advisory, Security & Compliance, Cloud Native Development, DevOps, Managed Services, and Workshop/Labs.


At App Maisters, we see your vision from a cloud-based perspective. We leverage extensive security, strategy, business, and human capital capabilities to understand where the cloud can help fulfill your mission and have an impact today, tomorrow, and in the long-term future.



Regardless of the native of your government organization, the leading experts at App Maisters will develop scalable and highly secure cloud-native apps. By using the latest architecture frameworks, our team is 100% dedicated to making sure your cloud app benefits from impressive scaling capabilities. We provide enterprise-level security, Native Cloud services, complete flexibility of cloud computing, and unparalleled storage solutions.



Before we migrate your business’s operation to the cloud so that your government agency can benefit from the benefits, we work together to define several key parameters. In the initial stage, we help design an operational infrastructure so that we can build a custom strategy for further management and deployment of services. The App Maisters time-tested Well-Architected framework is meant to meet all your cloud requirements, and via our cloud strategy, we offer sensible disaster recovery solutions to ease the cloud migration process.



Our cloud migration services are meant to enable government agencies to enjoy their adoption journey. To ease the process, we use a well-architected, structured framework to accelerate the cloud transformation process, as well as its infrastructure. Together with the WAF framework, our methodology reduces migration risks, addressing gaps and building a streamlined path to further cloud-based innovations.



Before we get started, we assess current patterns for using IBM, AWS, or Azure so that we can optimize our strategy for performance and cost. Our recommendation is to leverage a mix of Reserved, On-Demand, Dedicated, and Spot instances to meet market demand at a competitive price. Fortunately, the team at App Maisters works with skilled cloud architects that will perform a thorough analysis of your workload to address and improve process inefficiencies. 



Considering that software development, as an industry, continues to evolve and advance, it is critical for teams to work together to achieve performance. We commit to faster software releases, with increased quality as we ensure our methodologies used are aligned with your business needs. To create a flexible, agile cloud development environment, we use DevOps as a Service along with a custom-built Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approach. This way, we adapt on the go, streamlining processes and removing barriers.



Our managed services cater to the particular needs of a government agency’s Azure or AWS infrastructure. The App Maisters team of experts used Native Cloud tools to fix problems fast, and guarantee system availability and performance. To further create a flexible digital workflow, our cloud infrastructure is fully-operational and equipped with the best tech stacks for preserving efficiency and managing configurations.



As soon as we’ve managed to complete the cloud migration operations, we make sure that your data is secure. In a government setting, information needs proper safeguarding as citizens need to feel safe. Furthermore, we built assessment reports to keep a close eye on server vulnerabilities, and we also determine the security level your organization requires to remain protected via extra services such as Security tools and Cloud auditing.



Our team at App Maister is Google/AWS/Azure certified, meaning that we provide various classes, courses, and workshops to help increase the expertise of your internet IT team. In case they require Cloud certifications, we commit to a detailed program that will advance your staff’s current skills. The end goal of each of our training programs is to help meet long-term goals and organizational objectives.

Whether you’re a small-size local government agency or a national entity with numerous branches, App Maisters is ready to help you launch and deploy an enterprise or cloud-based application system. In case you seek cloud migration services, our team is always eager to assist.