App Maisters offers government agencies a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing their content. Our enterprise content management solutions, based on open source platforms such as Drupal, DotnetNuke, WordPress, and Umbraco, are designed to address common enterprise-level concerns, including development, delivery, expenditure, and information optimization. With a focus on maximizing productivity and providing high-quality, reliable results, App Maisters can help organizations streamline their content management processes and achieve their goals.

Magento Ecommerce Based System..

Our client is a training partner for various technology brands such as AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, and more. They wanted to streamline their sales enablement module across their multiple brands and sought a scalable and cost-effective solution to connect users from different brands to a single eCommerce platform, while keeping track of sales and revenues. App Maisters developed a solution using Magento eCommerce platform with the help of Java and AWS Managed Stack APIs. With this solution, registered users were able to log in outside the portal with basic information, including their organization details and profile privacy, and make purchases for training courses. To help management keep track of sales and revenues for each brand, we generated several BI reports. This CMS-based solution allowed for easy management and organization of content across the platform, ensuring a seamless user experience.

CMS SOLUTION FOR Psychiatry of Texas​.

App Maisters, a CMS solution provider, developed a custom Content Management System for Psychiatry of Texas to build a marketing website that allowed their staff to easily add or update content as needed. The website included several pages, such as Home, Services, Team, Insurance, and Locations, and was designed to effectively market their services to their client base. App Maisters also developed a user-friendly backend system that allowed the Psychiatry of Texas admin team to easily edit or add multimedia content to the website without the need for technical assistance. By using WordPress as the foundation for the CMS, App Maisters provided Psychiatry of Texas with a cost-effective and efficient solution to manage their website content and better serve their clients.